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BR-H21 Aroma Air HumidifierBR-H21

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Name: BR-H22

Material: PP/ABS/PC 

Product Size: 168*120mm

Water capacity: 300ML

Box Size: 

Carton Size: 

Power Imput: AC100-240V 

Cable Length: 150CM

Rated Power: AC100-240V 

Time Model: 1H/3H/6H/untimed

Accessories: power adapter/ instruction (British/American regulation/European regulation/Australian regulation)


1. 220 V household alternating current power supply converted to 24 V, USB 5V and other kinds of voltage.

2. The lighting is seven lights, can be manually or automatic switch light color, 7 colors transformation.

3. Can add fragrant liquid, drive midge essential oil, etc.       

4. Prevent dry heating power.

5. Can set the timing.

6. With sponge stick and without sponge stick for your choose.

7. The appearance is all sorts of columnar, Material is ABS + PP, lampshade is frosted surface, scratch resistance, thick and durable, don't fancy at all.



1, If water more than the scale,  it will affect the spray, cause no fog or spray smaller.

2, As the change of water, the concentration of the spray is a little difference.

3, Do not dump the machine when using, and  put in the position of the children not easy to touch.  

4, Aromatherapy diffuser may not be used in the absence of water.

5, If overturned accidentally, please turn off the power supply, remove the cover, pour out the rest of water, shake the body, let the water inside the fuselage discharge from the bottom.

 And put in a safe place for 24 hours, let it dry naturally

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