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OBOR Cooperated with Argentina

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OBOR Cooperated with Argentina

     Argentina is a great producer of food commodities and is capable of feeding 400 million people, president Mauricio Macri said addressing in Beijing the One Belt One Road, OBOR, international cooperation summit, the Chinese initiative to promote peace and trade, which convened 29 world leaders from all continents.

    The Argentine leader added that in Unasur, which Argentina presides for the next twelve months, there is a consensus to establish a South America Regional Infrastructure Integration, IIRSA, and coordinate with the OBOR initiative from China, to address the several multinational infrastructure projects such as the Parana-Paraguay waterway which connects the heart of the continent and six countries with the Atlantic ocean. Likewise the several bi-ocean corridors linking the Atlantic with the Pacific.


    Macri also revealed that his government is working closely with Beijing to have Argentina integrated to Asia's Infrastructure Bank and to increase cooperation in research and development in several science disciplines.

Argentina is scheduled to confirm a raft of accords with China, mostly in infrastructure, worth billions of dollars and with strong financing from Beijing.


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