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           OBOR with PAKISTAN Economic Cooperation 

     Pakistan, at the cross-roads of the Maritime and land based Silk Route, is China's most important strategic partner due to it's geopolitical significance and common goals in the region. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, initiated in 2014, is the first out of six corridors to be developed on a fast-track basis to serve as a model for other countries to follow in terms of absorbing Chinese investment.

    Africa and Middle East are huge export markets for Chinese goods, and China is dependent on the same trade route. Gwadar is the only point where Maritime Silk route and Silk Road (land based) converge; hence, providing China an alternative trade route which is not only feasible and cost-effective, but also a big security diversification for the country.

    We should follow the on-going developments in CPEC and OBOR very carefully, and contribute whatever they can towards its successful development. OBOR trying it's best to promote the international business partnerships, economic cooperationwith Pakistan. It is our national responsibility to help our country rise and we are very fortunate to be an important part of a global agenda.


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